Four Seasons offer a versatile range of decorative limestone shingle has a range of applications including driveway and general landscaping, drainage and pipe bedding. A blend of neutral beiges and cream/Cotswold colours mean that this product blends into a wide range of settings. Perfect for smaller and larger garden areas.


We offer Decorative Shingle graded to 20mm for hard landscaping, 40mm for land drainage, 10mm for pipe bedding and 6mm pea shingle for reed beds. All shingles are suitable for driveways, footpaths and general landscaping.

Bark chips, of various grades are produced from the outer corky bark  layer of timber trees. Sizes vary from thin shredded strands to large coarse blocks.

The finer types are very attractive but have a large exposed surface area that leads to quicker decay. Layers two or three inches deep are usually used, bark is relativity inert and its decay does not demand soil nitrates. We provide a range of mulchs of varying composition and texture for you to choose from.

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